Sunday, December 4, 2011

Brain training goals

Alright, so on Saturday, I've done another round of Dual N-back, this one twenty sessions long.  Results:


1     2  88%
2     3  47%
3     3  43%
4     3  52%
5     3  50%
6     3  41%
7     2  90%
8     3  58%
9     3  25%
10   3  31%
11   3  38%
12   2  50%
13   2  92%
14   3  62%
15   3  61%
16   3  38%
17   3  46%
18   3  26%
19   2  100%
20   3  66%

<N> = 2.75

As you can see, I'm doing exceedingly well when it comes to dual 2-back, but when it comes to dual 3-back, I fail.  Hard.  This, however, only increases my drive to improve.  As I said earlier, unlike Brain Age, this is the real deal.  The interesting thing is that doing D3B multiple times seems to improve my D2B ability.  That's at least what I'm getting from the last two days; it'll be interesting to see if my hypothesis holds up.

So, here are my goals with DNB, for 12 Jan 2012:

0000. Get up to D4B, and possibly even D5B
0001. Increase my average N to at least 3.5
0010. Try to see if I can do at least Tri 3-back (like D3B, but with three stimuli instead of two)
0011. Train with DNB once a day (might be difficult to keep during finals week)
0100. Get some more brain training software from someone like PositScience, and have some serious fun with that.

Lastly, it seems I actually have some views (three of them since I started this blog two days ago).  Wonder where they're coming from...


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