Friday, December 30, 2011

More from Posit Science

Alright, so I've done some more assessments with Posit Science:

Visual Training

Master Gardener:  This measures my visual working memory processing speed.  It was calculated to be 104 ms, with a goal set for 69 ms.

 Road Tour:  This measures my useful field of view (the field from which my brain can extract information).  It was calculated to be 61 ms (don't ask why it's measured in ms; I have no idea), with a goal set for 18 ms.  This corresponds to widening it by about 1.7 feet in terms of size.

Auditory Training

High or Low?:  I managed to distinguish 35 ms sweeps spaced 20 ms apart.

Tell us apart:  I cleared doe/toe, nearly cleared bu/du and gah/dah, and started sah/stah

Match it!:  This one is similar to tell us apart, but it's more like concentration.  I managed to do this with 24 cards.


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