Thursday, December 29, 2011

Preliminary Posit Science Results

So, I did my first session with my new Posit Science software.  How did I do?  I took four assessments today; here are my results:

Visual Processing:

Bird Safari:  This measures my processing speed, which was measured at 81 ms.  The goal set for me is to be able to process information in 58 ms.  A difference of 23 ms might not sound like much, but it cuts my time almost in half, and would correspond to stopping a car going 55 mph (about 90 kph) 1.8 feet (0.55 m) sooner than I would now, which can make a big difference in terms of avoiding accidents.

Jewel Diver:  This measures my divided attention, i.e. my ability to focus on multiple things.  Currently, I'm able to focus on an average of 4.4 things simultaneously, with the goal being set at 5.1.

Auditory Processing:

High or Low?:  This measures my ability to process the auditory sweeps that occur ubiquitously in language.  After 15 minutes of training, I was able to distinguish 40 ms-long sweeps spaced 20 ms apart, and between 35 ms-long sweeps spaced 509 ms apart.  By my next High of Low session, my goal is to be able to tell 35 ms-long sweeps spaced 20 ms apart, and possibly the same for 30 ms-long sweeps.

Tell us Apart:  This measures my ability to distinguish between similar consonants.  After 15 minutes of training, I was able to distinguish dah/gah at emphasis level 9, doe/toe at level 9, and bu/du at level 2.  Emphasis level is just a measure of how much emphasis is put on each consonant.  By my next Tell us Apart session, my goal is to be able to do all three at level 14

Also, my hat goes off to whoever composed the music for this company; it's freaking awesome.


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