Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hello, all.  Of course, I'm pretty much talking to air, here, but I figured I'd update all zero of you on what's been going on since my last post:

0000. Finals:  they were a bitch this semester.  I ended up, at a really bad suggestion, taking way too many credits, and it was just too much.  I haven't yet figured out how well I did this semester, but I'm nervous as hell, and I'm not as confident as I usually am about it.  At least they're finally over.

0001. Brain training:  I haven't been keeping up much with DNB since my last post, mostly because of finals.  I haven't yet given up hope of reaching my goal, although it's going to be pretty difficult to reach D4B.

0010.  Speaking of brain training, the Posit Science brain training software I ordered (for both my birthday and Newtonmas) has arrived.  Since it was on a huge sale, I ordered the complete package:  both auditory and visual training.  I haven't tried it yet, but I'm feeling excited about it.

0011.  I have made arrangements with a friend:  sometime during winter break, we're going to get together and build a miniature railgun.  That might not seem too out of the ordinary, until I tell you that the railgun is going to be designed to launch tampons.  I know, I really need to get a life.  I will definitely put the results, succeed or fail, up here once we attempt it.

0100.  Programming:  I've been brushing up on it.  This includes learning some new languages as well as streamlining my knowledge of the old.  The new languages mostly include Arduino (which is awesome, btw), and Ruby.  One of the languages I'm streamlining is Brainfuck.  It might not be a very practical language, but it is fun, and somewhat rewarding when you get something working in it.  I hope to eventually get around to writing a BF tutorial on this blog; it's going to be very fun, for me and you alike.

0101. Why have I been learning Arduino and Ruby?  Because I'm taking my grinding and biohacking to the next level; I hope to build an actual biology lab in my apartment.  I'm aware that there are several obstacles, not all of them technical, but I'm really hoping to do it.  So, a bunch of what I'm hoping to build (such as a PCR thermocycler) will be run by an Arduino.  Also, BioRuby is a library for Ruby, which allows you to analyze data coming from biology research (basically, it's bioinformatics software).  Also, I'm making some major breakthroughs in grinding with some fellow sapes, and knowing Arduino will really help on that front.  It's very similar to C++, which I pretty much know cold, so it shouldn't be too hard.

0110.  Finally, I've registered for classes this semester.  One such class is a bioinformatics class, which I anticipate being very fun.  The languages we're going to use are Perl and Matlab, which should be fun.  We might even learn how to use the BioPerl module :D

And I hereby give everyone permission to fuck with me mercilessly until I remember to update the blog.


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