Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New goals

So, I didn't manage to get the tampon gun working in time.  I know what I did wrong, though, so we shall try again this summer.

In other news, let's see how I met my brain training goals:

0000.  Get up to D4B, and possibly D5B:  Success.  I have managed to get to D4B, though not often or for long.

0001.  Increase my average N to at least 3.5:  Failed.  I just used DNB today, and my N is still only 2.80.

0010. Try to see if I can do at least Tri 3-back:  Success.  Although, I failed at T3B, even worse than at D3B.  The one that seems to be at about my level is T2B, just like D3B is.

0011. Train with DNB once a day:  Failed.  Not only did I not keep this during finals week, I forgot to train with it for quite some time after.

0100. Get some more brain training software from someone like PositScience, and have some serious fun with that:  Success.  This is probably the most successful goal I set; not only did I get the software and have serious fun with it, I'm doing exceedingly well with the software.

As you can see, I'm 3-2 for successes and failures.  So, what are my goals for this month?

0000.  Get up to D5B, even if it's just for a few rounds.

0001.  Increase my average N to at least 3.5.

0010. Get good enough at T3B so that it's more at my level.

0011. Train with DNB at least three times a week, and with Posit Science at least three times a week.

0100. Meet my miscellaneous goals set by the Posit Science software.

Why only three times with each?  For one thing, my once-per-day policy seemed to be exhausting me.  This way, I have one day of rest each week.


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