Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Arbitrary New Beginnings Day!

Yeah, can you tell I'm not as excited about New Year's as most people?

Anyway, last night I watched The Adventures of Tintin (it was awesome), went out for pizza with my brother, and watched part of a Coldplay concert on the tellyset.

Today, I plan to build a railgun with one of my friends.  Hopefully, we won't encounter too many problems, since the railgun is going to be designed to be much less powerful than the ones being researched by the military.  Oh, and did I mention the railgun will be designed to fire tampons?

I hope to shoot video of the building process; it's going to be fun!


Last assessments

I've taken two more assessments, which seem to be the last ones, at least for a while:

Visual Processing

Sweep Seeker:  Essentially "High or Low?" with visual sweeps.  My starting level was 43 ms, with a set goal of 37 assessments.  This corresponds to seeing a professionally-served tennis ball 1.1 feet sooner.  This one was also much harder than the other ones I've done.

Auditory Processing

Sound Replay:  Essentially the same as "Tell us Apart" but with sequences of phonemes.  After 15 minutes, I could repeat sequences of four phonemes.