This blog is intended mainly as a repository for information, both scientific and anecdotal, obtained through self-experimentation of many stripes, from brain training to cutting myself up.  It also exists to document my own thoughts on such matters as philosophy and politics, with a little science thrown in there.

Why do I do what I do?  I'd like to say it's because I follow a long tradition of self-experimenters in science, but in reality, it's mostly just morbid curiosity, along with some fascination and a little dissatisfaction with being human.

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Anything which is both a known logical fallacy and a personal insult will be mercilessly mocked all the way to fictional hell, and anything which is one or the other will be relentlessly rebuked. I am an unconditional proponent of free speech, and as such open debate is always welcome. This means that disemvowelling and temporary suspension will only be used when commenters have shown that they are nothing more than flamers. Commenters will only be banned completely when they post information that can actively harm another individual, such as docs. Anonymous comments are disallowed to weed out cowardly flamers who hide behind anonymity. If you play nice, this may change in the future :-)